Our Values

We are a family-owned, family-led company. We work together and we work hard. Why? Because we care about each other and what we do. Our Values matter; how we do things is as important as what we accomplish.

We are passionate about trust in our name. We honor our past, but we are not bound by it. Expectations in food and agriculture are changing, and so are we. Our path forward is about getting better, not just bigger, using our scale to drive positive change.

The Right Choice

Every day, we make the choice to do the right thing: for our hens, our team members and our customers. Our values help guide those decisions.

  • Meet or exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Maintain honesty, integrity, and respect for all customers, employees, and suppliers
  • Provide a safe working environment for our employees
  • Provide for the animals in our care
  • Recognize and reward achievement through process improvements, risk taking, creativity, and innovation
  • Strive for balance between work and life activities
  • Contribute to the advancement of the poultry industry, agricultural sustainability practices, and betterment of the communities in which we live and serve