It All Begins
With the Hens

Daybreak Foods is deeply committed to the health and well-being of our hens. We are proudly certified in the UEP’s internationally recognized standard of care program. We work to meet and exceed these standards as a part of our core principles and we diligently work to provide the best possible care and conditions for our hens. Doing the right thing every time just makes sense, for our hens and also for our business.

We have dedicated many resources to ensuring these programs are robust and designed with the hen’s best interest in mind. Daybreak has Animal Welfare professionals as well as a Veterinarian on staff overseeing these programs.

Passion For Animal Care

We train each of our Animal Caretakes on hen safety. Every day we focus on: feed, light, air, water, security and safety. From appropriate lighting and ventilation to access to clean water and food, we ensure our hens have everything they need.

How many eggs do our hens produce each day?

Our hens produce about 16 million eggs each day!
XTry Again…
  1. 300,000
  2. 2 Million
  3. 16 Million
  4. 24 Million