Ensuring Safety in Every Bite

Every day we help feed millions of Americans and we take that responsibility very seriously. Every member of the Daybreak family has a commitment to keeping the hens and the people who enjoy Daybreak eggs safe –from our executive leaders to the team that loads liquid eggs onto tankers.


We are industry leaders and strive to be the best at caring for our flocks. We have implemented state-of-the-art biosecurity practices that are designed to protect our birds from illness and disease. Our programs were developed in consultation with state and federal government, university experts and industry groups to ensure the best practices are implemented. We follow scientific practices to keep our birds healthy.

Industry Standards

We follow a range of industry guidelines to ensure the hens are safe, eggs are processed, stored and transported safely. This includes employee practices that are important to promote food safety practices, such as frequent hand washing and keeping work areas sanitized.

How many times are our eggs washed?

We use a double washing system and also rewash if any debris remains
XTry Again…
  1. Once
  2. At Least Twice
  3. They don’t need to be washed because we crack them right away