Lake Mills, WISC. (Oct 16, 2023) – Daybreak Foods, Inc. is proud to announce that it has been awarded the esteemed Elevating the Arches Award in recognition of its actions that produced quantifiable and impactful results for McDonald’s business and customers.

The Elevating the Arches Award is a highly coveted accolade in the poultry industry, awarded based on criteria related to resiliency, efficiency, collaboration, innovation, and competitive advantage.

“We are thrilled to receive the Elevating the Arches Award as it validates our ongoing efforts to exceed customer expectations and provide a safe, high-quality egg product,” said Bill Rehm, President & CEO of Daybreak Foods. “This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team, as it is our collective efforts and innovation that allow us to achieve the excellence that we strive for.”

The Elevating the Arches Award is not only a recognition of Daybreak Foods’ achievements but also a celebration of its customers, partners, and stakeholders who have placed trust and confidence in Daybreak Foods as a leader in the poultry industry.

Caitlin McKenzie, Vice President of Technical Services, represented Daybreak Foods at the 2023 North American Supplier Summit Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, September 6th to accept the award on its behalf. “The Poultry Supply Chain was specifically recognized for our success in keeping Avian Influenza off our farms,” states McKenzie. “It was an honor to attend the ceremony and accept this meaningful award on behalf of our organization. Daybreak works hard each day to ensure that our supply into the McDonald’s system is the best that it can be.”

About Daybreak Foods, Inc.

Founded in 1965, Daybreak Foods has grown at an accelerated rate over the last two decades. Today, William Rehm, President and CEO, and Tony Rehm, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Logistics, have continued the family-owned culture while significantly growing the business. Home to more than 19 million laying hens, Daybreak Foods is the fourth largest egg production company in the United States. With a commitment to a safe environment for their team members and ethical conditions for their hens, Daybreak supplies eggs to some of the largest food-production companies in the world. Daybreak employs more than 1,000 people across the Midwest and operates farms in Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin with Lake Mills, WI as its corporate headquarters.



SOURCE: Daybreak Foods, Inc.