Lake Mills, WISC. (May 31, 2023) – Daybreak Foods, Inc., headquartered in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, is pleased to announce their acquisition of Hen Haven, LLC and Schipper Eggs, LLC. As of May 30, 2023, Daybreak will assume production and processing operations of both businesses. These acquisitions will allow Daybreak Foods to expand their business model by diversifying their egg product and therefore widening their customer base.

“As the egg industry continues to change and adapt, we must change and adapt along with it,” states Bill Rehm, President and CEO of Daybreak Foods. “The demand for cage-free eggs is increasing, and we are fortunate enough to have the resources to keep up with that demand. These acquisitions will bring additional cage-free aviary systems to our operations.”

Regardless of external factors that impact the industry such as Avian Influenza and COVID-19, Daybreak Foods has continued to grow their business and offer solutions to customer needs. The acquisitions of Hen Haven and Schipper Eggs will add locations in Clearfield, Iowa and Holland, Michigan for Daybreak Foods – bringing the organization to a total of 16 locations, over 1,000 employees across the Midwest, and over 19 million hens.

“I am confident that our organizations will merge seamlessly,” shares Bob Jones, Vice President of Human Resources at Daybreak Foods. “We are looking forward to welcoming new and diverse perspectives of those that also share similar core values. At the heart of this business is safety and care for our people and our hens, something that we can all agree is a priority.”

Mr. Rehm states, “Our main goal is to feed the people of America. Each day, we are finding ways to do that while continuously improving and growing along the way. With a shared commitment to employees, food safety, animal welfare, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we are better together and we’re looking forward to welcoming our new members of the Daybreak Family.”

About Daybreak Foods, Inc.

Founded in 1965, Daybreak Foods has grown at an accelerated rate over the last two decades. Today, William Rehm, President and CEO, and Tony Rehm, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Logistics, have continued the family-owned culture while significantly growing the business. Home to more than 19 million laying hens, Daybreak Foods is the fourth largest egg production company in the United States. With a commitment to a safe environment for their team members and ethical conditions for their hens, Daybreak supplies eggs to some of the largest food-production companies in the world. Daybreak employs more than 1,000 people across the Midwest and operates farms in Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin with Lake Mills, WI as its corporate headquarters.



SOURCE: Daybreak Foods, Inc.